How To Start Game Development in 2018

You have always dreamed of building your own game? You have gathered countless ideas for the next great games in your head or on paper? You finally want to start working and take them to life? Then you are probably ready to become a game developer. But what now? Where to start and what to do? And what about that thing called Unity?

The world of game development is immense and complex. For beginners it is dangerous to get lost in the wild jungle of game engines and programming languages. While there is a lot of information and many tutorials out there, not all of them provide good advice and few are up to date.

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Let’s Create A Game – 2D Side-Scrolling Shooter

In my new series „Let’s Create A Game” I’m developing a full-scale game, producing everything from code to graphics on my own. In parallel to my YouTube videos I will release a written and more in-depth version on my blog after each episode.
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